Welcome to Total Beauty & Reflexology Salon Shamrock Fukuoka

Beauty Facial

Facial Massage

We provide many different options based on your expectations.

Shamrock Fukuoka’s original detox

massage will help cleanse your pores and improve your facial skin condition. 




Our original, high-quality hand massages work deep into your skin, improving the vitality of your skin cells and muscles, giving you a lovely, firmer face line. 


Basic course - ¥4,900

Cleansing / Lymphatic Massage (Face and Décolleté/ Moisturizing Mask / Essence and Facial Cream


(70 min)

Deep cleansing - ¥6,400

Double Cleansing / Pore Care / Lymphatic Massage(Face and Décolleté/ Moisturizing Mask / Essence and Facial Cream



Lift up - 7,500

Double Cleansing / Uitrasonic Wave / Lymphatic Massage(Face and Décolleté/ Moisturizing Mask / Essence and Facial Cream



Aging Care - ¥9,800

Double Cleansing / Radio Frequency Therapy / Lymphatic Massage(Face and Décolleté) / Moisturizing Mask and Vitamin A, C, E Mask / Scalp Massage / Essence and Facial Cream (120min)

Full Body

Oil Massage

Using our fingers, and elbows we stimulate the muscles with rhythmic motions improving blood circulation and reducing fatigue and stiffness.

Shamrock Fukuokas original hands only massage therapy loosens muscles as well as detoxes your body and purges cellulite by opening improving lymphatic flow.




Through multiple treatments, your blood circulation, immune system, hormonal balance, and autonomic nerve balance will improve.




Our oil massage will not only be effective for body slimming, but also for muscle soreness, constipation, back pain, and skin sagging.


50 minutes - ¥ 5,300

(Neck,upper back & lower back)

75 minutes -   6,800

(Full body)

90 minutes -   7,800

(Full body)


130 minutes - ¥10,800

(Full body,Eye&Scalp Massage,Reflexology


Option menu

Scalp Massage     1,500

We massage the scalp and area around the eyes.



Reflexology stimulates the soles of the feet, releasing built-up toxins.



Foot Treatment

We help relieve fatigue and swelling of the feet, legs, and calves with this soothing oil massage.

Also known as reflex therapy, the process of foot acupressure will help with fatigue.


All pressures points of the feet affect other specific body parts.


Healing the pressure points will help your entire body align itself and gain the strength to heal naturally, preventing illnesses.



30 minutes¥2,800

The feet is said to be the second heart, and the reflective ward of the body lies here. By applying pressure to these reflex points, we indirectly approach the various points of the body and internal organs, as we increase the blood flow and boost one`s metabolism.

45 minutes¥4,300

Massging from the

sole of the foot up to the calves to remove swelling of the legs. 

※We operate on a reservation-only basis

※We only provide facial services to pregnant women

※Please come early to your appointment to change clothes.

※Please note that we are not responsible for any lost possessions

I may decline change of course or surgical operation by skin, health condition of customer.

Body course come after leaving time after a meal more than 30 minutes.

When it is past time for reservation, please note that I may decline shortening, surgical operation of change of course or course contents.